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Performance Management Structures, Communication & Recognition Programs

Performance management is complex set of processes that is paramount in focusing workforce capabilities.

Unfortunately performance management is often mistaken as the final evaluation and as such it becomes a parallel management practice instead of a central one. Sightline enables the integration of performance management by articulating competencies at multiple levels and building and linking processes that guide interactions. Managerial consistency is realized from integrated structures rather than constant training.


Keywords: Sightline creates Effective Business Performance Management to manage Workforce Productivity. Developing Effective Performance Management Structures insight on identifying key metrics for Employee Reward & Recognition Appreciation Systems that are tiered, integrated elements that accommodate individual and group achievements as well as have the ability to spontaneously reinforce behaviors that support broader organizational values such as innovation and risk taking. is a Communication Tool that Reinforces and Rewards Achievements & employee Behavior. motivating and rewarding your employees are important for the success of your organization. effectively, reinforce the actions and behaviors you most want to see people repeat. Employee Achievements, Recognition Systems, Employee Recognition , motivating employees, performance based programs, group achievements business planning, corporate consulting, organizational communications, the Comm-Pass Model, improving your HR processes, leadership competencies, internal researching,