Strategic Human Resources Consulting for a Focused Workforce
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Performance Distribution & Talent Reviews

You can't drive top performance and manage the direction of the workforce through a roll-up of locally administered performance evaluations. Sightline provides senior management with a landscape view of organizational talent that:

  • articulates the competencies that are advancing the organization's goals,
  • segments workforce contributions in a statistically valid way and,
  • identifies development actions will make the real difference.

Because the process is behaviorally based, discussions have a diminished political agenda which leads to a common ownership of talent across functional areas.


Keywords: Analyze the factors impacting performance, and identify effective strategies to improve performance, with a particular focus on outcomes. Facilitate and direct the analytical and implementation process, by providing an in-depth explanation of the principles and methodology for conducting performance reviews. Performance management eliminates the annual review and evaluation as the focus but rather concentrates on the entire landscape view of organizational talent through performance management and improvement strategies. employee performance improvement, performance development, training, cross-training, challenging assignments, 360 degree feedback, human resources, employee performance review, human resource, organizational communications, the Comm-Pass Model, improving your HR processes, leadership competencies, internal researching, Strategic talent management recruitment, management transactions. Sightline Consulting also provides strategic goals for new product development, determine your company performance, future business goals, customer feedback inquiry, organizational communication worldwide using the Comm-Pass Model, diagnostic performance models, business consulting business management consulting corporate consulting business business planning business