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Human Resource Management Tactics Delivered in Collaboration with Internal Resources:

Integrated Talent Management Processes

Quality talent management relies on systems that are linked for congruency. To manage the workforce with consistency, tactics (recruitment, selection interviewing, performance evaluation, rewards/recognition, development) must share a common architecture. By creating competency-based processes that define successful performance, talent can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. Sightline develops talent management strategies in accordance with the broad context of the business - its market, competitors, structure and culture - amplifying some processes over others to suit the unique needs of the business.

Workforce / Team Process Management

In organizations with a product development process, up to 75% of the workforce can be committed to working on a team as well as within a function. Because communication and evaluation processes are usually structured for a strictly functionally organized business, there are gaps that weaken control, confuse communication and inhibit change. This form of bi-modal work needs an architecture that manages the whole team process in the context of a functional organization. When structures aren't built for this type of management, not only is the workforce sub-optimized but typically it is the core reason that teams malfunction. The staff at Sightline HR Consulting approach team start-up and team alignment interventions with knowledge of the landscape needed for teams to thrive and how to install the right supports.

Performance Management Structures, Communication & Recognition Programs

Performance management is complex set of processes that is paramount in focusing workforce capabilities. Unfortunately performance management is often mistaken as the final evaluation and as such it becomes a parallel management practice instead of a central one. Sightline enables the integration of performance management by articulating competencies at multiple levels and building and linking processes that guide interactions. Managerial consistency is realized from integrated structures rather than constant training.

Change Management & Implementing Strategy

Is your organization's change strategy not much more than a public relations campaign? Without an understanding of the operatives of change or how to leverage (or even spot) existing energies and guide momentum, it isn't likely that the change will be successful. What does success look like? When it is accomplished by utilizing the organization's own processes and energies the change becomes lasting and well integrated into the norms and processes of the business.

Survey Design & Analysis

Sightline's experience with culture surveys enables us to guide the overall process of the survey - engaging the workforce from the start in the approach to its administration, analyzing results, managing presentations on data, and setting up action teams. Also develop surveys to help you get quick reads on issues or as a tactic to help stakeholders coalesce. Our strengths are in applying survey methodologies to assess the culture against the standards of a High Performance Organization, profile communication and managerial practices, and assess your ability to implement current strategy. Our staff is particularly focused on defining elements that satisfy employee work needs as opposed to measuring "employee satisfaction". By targeting experiences and behaviors, our hope is to diminish the emphasis on the inaccurate landscape of calculating feelings in your Organization.

Workforce Competency Development

Competencies are the foundation of the HR architecture enabling your organization to focus with a clear and broad understanding of what drives its success. They articulate the factors that make the difference to the business and to the employee in delivering peak performance. Sightline Consulting creates those definitions so that you can maximize the best of your workforce and cultivate it from the entry point of recruitment to your Organization through to identifying high performers. Our HR staff will create models for teams and functions that are linked to existing organizational competencies, thus expanding on their relevancy. Using a combination of external and internal research, capture the knowledge, assessment of your HR practices, and attributes that figure prominently in your organization's current and near future success.

Leadership and Managerial Assessment

As part of a broader initiative, an assessment of key players is often needed to refine individual and organizational knowledge of a best fit. Sightline frames development conversations with the appropriate tools and feedback in order to optimize the right path forward. Sightline Consulting employs a range of instruments including the CCL Assessment Suite, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Preference and Perception Inventory, 16 Personality Factor, and the Strong Interest Inventory among others.

Our experience in Organization assessment is a fundamental skill set that is brought to any intervention, and informs our capability to get a fast read on potential misalignment. Most importantly our staff will employ these processes with a clear vision of the whole dynamic that exists in your organization - strategic and tailored to your culture's readiness. Our HR picture becomes your insight. Sightline Consulting constructs and implements solutions to address Strategic workforce and team alignment issues that inhibit the delivery of strategic goals. Sightline Business Management Consulting firm specializes in Strategic Planning Research HR consulting, business consulting, team development, Workforce development, corporate staffing, business planning, business research, business strategic goals, product development, Comm-Pass Model, Management recruitment, Workforce training.