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Sightline Consulting has partnered with businesses that include ethical pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products, consumer food products, transportation, cosmetics, fashion/retail, government and entertainment. Our experience in varied business arenas gives us creative strength and our perspective is further informed by hands-on work with every organizational function.

Because we review and are privy to internal information, all client relationships are governed by confidentiality agreements. Here is a sample of the results of our work.

  1. Consumer products: to assist the installation of a new product development process, Sightline developed a management infrastructure for the team process which involved 80% of the workforce. By linking team management processes with the existing functional ones, the workforce was deployed more efficiently. There was an increase in accountability, problem solving became more strategic and focused on opportunities and threats on the horizon.
  2. Global pharmaceutical: Sightline enabled the executive team to own talent across functional lines and engage in more cross functional developmental activities. "Living" leadership competencies were articulated through talent reviews that gave the team a concrete handle on the behaviors that were driving their success.
  3. Global consumer products: After developing a strategic business plan, the executive committee realized it needed to reshape the culture to align with the new business direction - but where to start? The organization assessed its culture and inventoried its effectiveness against the principles of High Performing Organizations. The survey structured a direction of proven success and pinpointed clear behaviors for achieving it. Six months after the start of the restructure, the organization saw gains in its degree of adaptability.
  4. Multimedia entertainment: The leadership team had just entered into a project which required strong cross functional collaboration and they were exhibiting territorial behavior. Sightline engineered a response that facilitated an analysis team that collected internal research to bring clarity and recommendations that enabled a breakthrough driving a high level of collaboration and project success.
  5. Global cosmetic brand: After increasing distribution outlets to include stand-alone stores, the brand needed to be translated further into a total customer experience. A CEM (customer experience management) tool was developed to source information about the customer buying experience and identified key areas for shifts and opportunities. Regional sales managers were able to clarify and reinforce guidelines for customer interactions that raised the performance for all stores and significantly for 22%.
  6. Global pharmaceutical: Sightline pinpointed the dynamics that were compromising the implementation of strategic goals. A customized survey of communication patterns detailed reasons for unsuccessful implementation of goals and highlighted that poor project plans were the results of a weakness in handing off strategic direction. The organization made immediate changes that brought higher 3Q results and the long term consequences were a substantially improved dialogue between executive committee and the directors.
  7. Fortune 300 fashion retailer: Sightline shifted this company's talent management approach from an over reliance on costly and ineffective recruitment to a more balanced strategy by integrating a line-lead retention effort. Structures such as a high risk matrix analysis and talent reviews gave focus to a better knowledge of the levers for keeping talent incrementally longer than average in the industry.


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