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Team Process Management

In organizations with a product development process, up to 75% of the workforce can be committed to working on a team as well as within a function. Because communication and evaluation processes are usually structured for a strictly functionally organized business, there are gaps that weaken control, confuse communication and inhibit change. This form of bi-modal work needs an architecture that manages the whole team process in the context of a functional organization. When structures aren't built for this type of management, not only is the workforce sub-optimized but typically it is the core reason that teams malfunction. We approach team start-up and team alignment interventions with knowledge of the landscape needed for teams to thrive and how to install the right supports.



Team Process Management at Sightline Consulting. Process Management is probably the most important building block in today's business model. Understanding and executing end-to-end, customer facing processes is a nesasarry key to making the change where value-driven change is the core competency of your business. Sightline Consulting constructs and implements solutions to address Strategic business workforce and team alignment issues that inhibit the delivery of strategic goals and to address workforce and team alignment issues that inhibit the delivery of strategic and business goals such as quick customer feedback, organizational communications, the Comm-Pass Model, improving your HR processes, leadership competencies, internal researching, Strategic talent management recruitment, management transactions. Sightline Consulting also provides strategic goals for new product development, determine your company performance, future business goals, customer feedback inquiry, organizational communication worldwide using the Comm-Pass Model, diagnostic Management performance models, Key words:business consulting business management consulting corporate consulting business business planning business Process Management as a system for aligned Management, leadership and customer-focused improvement