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Team Alignment

Derailed teams face the struggle of repairing relationships as well as making up ground on business goals. A diagnostic is employed which is a 2-dimensional matrix of high performing team dynamics. It details how a team is growing, behaviors that are increasing its success or diminishing it, as well as specifying a target for high performance. The team is assisted in understanding its breakdown and jointly creates a development plan to get it back on track. The MBTI is also used to inventory the team's skill set which is integrated in the plan. Off-line consultation to the team leader and operational sponsor insure alignment.


Corporate business strategy: Team Alignment will Improve productivity and Team Members Success on the Team. team building activities at Sightline Consulting. Process Management is probably the most important building block in today's business model. Understanding and executing end-to-end, customer facing processes is a nesasarry key to making the change where value-driven change is the core competency of your business. Sightline Consulting constructs and implements solutions to address Strategic workforce and team alignment issues that inhibit the delivery of strategic goals and to address workforce and team alignment issues that inhibit the delivery of strategic and business goals such as quick customer feedback, organizational communications, the Comm-Pass Model, Team Alignment Partnership for Successful Productive Relationships. Sightline Consulting also provides strategic goals for new product development, determine your company performance, future business goals, customer feedback inquiry, organizational communication worldwide using the Comm-Pass Model,Team Alignment, management consulting, Interpersonal Skills, Team Leader Communication, Employee Development, Corporate relationships, team leader consultation, team dynamics