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Comm-Pass Model

The Comm-Pass© model articulates the significant business messages that pass through the organization, and classifies them by direction and frequency. Eight categories of communication behaviors are defined that have a specific focus for achieving business goals – easy to grasp, easy to measure, easy to increase.  Comm-Pass© imparts a mindfulness that simplifies what it takes to get things done.  It is a potent insight that points to a clear direction, strategically and behaviorally, for businesses that want to:

  • improve execution,
  • utilize resources more effectively,
  • develop a greater agility to change and respond quicker,
  • integrate new technology and processes faster,
  • improve operationally and,
  • increase the engagement of the creative talents and discretionary contributions of the workforce.

The Comm-Pass© model was created to illustrate communication patterns that appeared consistently in culture survey data, spanningover 25 years, among a variety of industries.  Businesses with different market conditions, maturity, size and leadership cultures, all displayed the same pronounced pattern.    This pattern revealed specific dialogue paths, and the content of that dialogue, among 3 distinct organizational segments.  

Elegant in its simplicity, the model fortifies any organizational intervention because it acknowledges and therefore leverages the existing dynamics. It underscores what Sightline does best in by offering strategic insight and a pragmatic tool to help your workforce pick up the pace.  




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